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Why Business Should Use Gmail

Clipboard02E-mail services have become a vital part of businesses of any stature and size. In fact, having an email address for your business has become as important as having a perfect name for your business. However, for the small businesses spending on having an own server and domain space might be difficult, and for these businesses Gmail services, which is used by over 200 million users across the world, can be a real help.

On the other hand, Using Gmail as your domain name might not be a very good idea from the perspective of branding; and keeping both these factors in mind Google has launched their unique app based Gmail service, Gmail for business. There are ample of reasons for using this specialized Gmail service for business, and here is why businesses should use it.


  • Unique Domain name

While regular Gmail addresses comes with at the end, the Gmail for business enables one to use his/her own domain name in the mail address and yet experience all the benefits of regular Gmail. Using your own domain name in your mail ID certainly solves out all the branding related issues. So, your business is no more thought of having a free account on Gmail just like any single user, rather it gets its own name and prestige in the eyes of the consumers.


  • Spam coverage

One of the most prominent benefits of using Gmail for business is the Spam protection feature. Gmail has very strict spam filters, and by the way of using Gmail for business you can significantly reduce the number of spams received in your mailbox daily. The Postini filtering of Google even enables the user to re-set the filter settings in the rare case that you want an alteration with the default ones.


  • Space, space and more space

Well, for Gmail for Business, Google has really allotted much more space than the regular Gmail accounts. Each user currently gets around 8GB space for storing mails, which is really huge in practical aspect. This space is more than enough for storing not only messages but also huge attachments and files.


  • Access from all the platforms

Another unique benefit of using Gmail for Business is that it allows you to access your login mailbox from different devices and platforms, seamlessly and without any added charge. You can use any of the email programs like Windows mail, Mac mail or Outlook for accessing your messages. You can also access your Gmail account from your mobile phone be it Android, Blackberry or iPhone. It also supports access from multiple devices connected with the internet.


  • Voice and Video Chat

Gmail for Business allows free voice and video chat with the other Gmail users. You can easily use your business account on Gmail for communicating with your business partners, for calling up a meeting or for assigning projects and responsibilities.

The Gmail for business is completely free for as much as 10 users and the use of Google Apps is also free for non-profit organizations with less than 3,000 users. So, start using Gmail for your business from today and enjoy the benefits of being with Google.

Segments Of Technology

Slide 1When most up-to-date technological solutions are developed as well as introduced in a short span of time, users anxiously wait for newer and next generation updates. In its most recent development of Windows 7, Microsoft has added extra functionalities for better performance. Computer buffs are very pleased with the performance and user-friendliness of the new version as revealed in many a blog post on web. Besides the whole set of features, its chief advantage is the level of compatibility with hardware and applications. A home group networking system, taskbar with pioneering looks, WinFS storage technology simplifying data searching and data query, and more features make the Windows 7 a superlative operating system.

The newest edition of productive suite released by Microsoft – Microsoft Office 2010 is a daze in itself. Distinct from the earlier editions, the introduction of Microsoft Office 2010 has resulted in the beginning of free online Office functions like Power point, Excel, One Note and more. Released in 30 language versions, Office 2010 plans to reach every country and customer. A lot of hardware technology have promptly adapted to the Office 2010 version. Leading mobile brands have procured contracts from Microsoft to use Office 2010 and all its modernized features, in their mobile software. Moreover, most up-to-date handsets come incorporated with Windows 7 operating system, which is viable with Microsoft Office 2010. Many critical reviews of Microsoft Office 2010 have highly praised the vividness of the new Office GUI interface. Well, coalesce all these value added packages into a nutshell and obtain it for an equitable price. Get the ‘original’ Microsoft Office suite at great discounts online!

New laptops freshly made accessible stands as a testimony to an ever improving laptops market. Brands like Sony, Dell, Lenovo, etc. have managed to mangle so much into their range of laptops and despite their all-inclusive set of specs, have managed to keep the laptop prices very low. Lenovo is highly distinguished for its wide array of models that outfits the diverse segments of the market. There is always a Lenovo laptop for you, regardless of your social income, taste or keenness. With more sophisticated technology becoming trite in our society, laptop prices are falling, and now, even the normal consumer can get one of the finest laptops. Whether it’s taking the office with you or just engaging yourself on a long trip, the mitigating laptop prices signal your chance to get your very own.

Invest in your HR Technology

about-banner-2Internet” the immortal communication window opened up the future breaking all distances with the world coming closer, thereby funneling new creative businesses and witnessing emergence of entrepreneurship or call it the Small Medium Business (SMB). The “computer” is the physical evidence for “small businesses” on a rise. With just one computer, today a single person can take his business multifold around the globe. Online jobs such as Data Entry, Website designing, SEO services etc are riding high on technology and flourishing on the “World Wide Web”. Most of the SMBs are always on a look out for “applications” which will increase the productivity of their company and are also easy on their pocket.

Given the above scenario, SaaS (Software at Service) based “applications” is spotted as the best solution SaaS based applications are available on the internet, which is easy to access, compatible with new technologies that also includes mobile, smart phones etc with a completely hassle free installation process.
One of the industries which has reaped immense benefits from SaaS applications is the HR industry. Whether it is the Applicant Tracking System, HRIS, Training or Personnel management software, Saas based applications have gained a lot of popularity in the HR domain. It gives technological competitive advantage to the SMBs without costing much on their finances.

RoosterHR is renowned in the HR community for its developing and designing of software application in the SaaS model. It has come up with R-Lite a popular user friendly Applicant Tracking System for the recruitment industry. HCMOne is another HR software in SaaS developed for time/project tracking and many other features. With many other SaaS based applications in the HR domain, RoosterHR has devoted itself to churn holistic solutions and automize the SMBs HR environment.

Benefits of Buying Vacuum Extraction Machine Online

Clipboard02Construction tools are required for building home and office projects in the shortest possible time. Without the use of these tools, constructing these structures would take a lot of time. This is the reason why most contractors and construction companies make use of these tools for constructing both domestic and commercial projects. Vacuum Extraction Machine is among the construction tools which are considered a must for each construction project. The reason for this is that this machine cleans the construction site of the debris that is lying around it. It ensures the safety of the workers moving about the place by clearing away any sharp object that might harm their foot or cause an accident. It is important to buy this machine from a reliable source as it is a very valuable device. The best place for purchasing this type of construction safety machine is the internet because of the numerous benefits that it has to offer you.

The most important benefit of buying this machine and Columbia Taping Tools from the internet is convenience. Unlike the physical stores where you have to personally visit the store to buy the construction tools and machines, the online stores can be accessed from your computer. Thus, you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to get them. This is particularly beneficial for those people who live in remote areas and do not have a hardware store located near their home. Such people can place an order for this machine on the internet and can have it shipped directly to their home. However, it is important that you choose the online supplier wisely and only buy this machine from a reputed website.

Besides convenience, another advantage of buying the vacuum extraction machine from an online dealer is that you can save a great deal of money. This machine is available for a discounted rate at the online stores as they do not have to bear the expenses for maintaining physical stores and can transfer their savings to the clients. Moreover, the online stores also offer this machine for a lower rate to encourage the customers to buy it from their website. This competition between different online stores to get market space is another reason why this machine can be bought for a much lower price online than at offline hardware stores.

Variety of choice is also a benefit that you are going to gain if you buy this machine from an online store. The physical stores do not have enough space at their disposal to display extraction machines of all brands. The online stores on the other hand are not bound by space issues as their virtual stores have capacity to display millions of products. Thus, you are going to find a wider range of extraction machines at an online store than at an offline one and can choose the one which fits your requirements and your budget perfectly. So, if you want to widen your choice pool than it is best for you to buy this machine from an online supplier. 7, an Australian born and bred company established in 1993, are a specialist supplier to the Australian plastering industry that are leading the market in providing solutions for their customers through an affordable, quality range of products and services. With their customers as their first priority, they are dedicated to good service, honouring commitments, accountability, as well as conducting themselves with integrity.

Using Point of Sale Australia to Expand Your Business

EziWorx-CashRegisterElectronic point of sale systems are becoming increasingly popular amongst businesses. Not only are these more secure and easier to manage, but they can improve the speed involved in checking customers out at a store so you can get through more transactions in a day. While storefronts have been using these systems for long periods of time, companies are just starting to make distinct improvements that can help online businesses start to expand their reach to other customer bases as well, encouraging more businesses to look beyond their storefront as a way of earning money for their business.

A POS system for an online business will function the same way it would in a storefront. The only difference is instead of completing a sale at a scanner or cash register, customers will select the items they want and place them in an electronic cart. When they are ready to finish shopping they can enter their credit card information and the transaction will be processed so the business will know to ship the desired items. Having a POS system that works efficiently will help to ensure that there are no issues when customers go to buy the items they are searching for.

Having a strong point of sale Australia system will help to guarantee more business over time. Customers that have trouble navigating sales pages or find that they need to keep filling out the same transaction forms over and over because the site is not working properly are much more likely to abandon their purchases and shop with a competitor. Businesses who partner with well-known and popular POS systems will not only be investing in a way to get sales online but in a customer service platform that will help them better address the needs of their customers.

As you start moving into international sales it is important to find a POS system that will address all of the needs of your business. For example, if you know you have a lot of customers in Asia, finding a point of sale Australia system that will automatically convert prices between currencies could make it that much easier for your customers to make the purchases they wanted. You may also find that you need a POS system that offers directions in multiple languages to ensure that everyone who might be approaching your business can complete a sale without difficulty.

Investing in a high quality POS system is also essential for expanding businesses because it will help to improve your security. As you start to expand your sales your business will be responsible for a lot more personal information including addresses and credit card numbers. A high quality POS system will come equipped with security that will help to keep this information private so you are not held responsible if there is a problem. Both traditional storefronts and online venues are being forced to pay much more attention to the security of their POS setup to ensure that any information you need to complete a sale will not wind up in the wrong hands.

Specialising in hospitality point of sale, develop the software, implement the solution and install the system into your business. But more importantly, they provide exceptional ongoing support. With years of experience in the hospitality industry, they provide themselves on being the customer focused point of sale provider.