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Watch Where We Started Full Movie Free Streaming Online

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Where We Started

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Review : Can’t say I liked it very much, but I watched it to the end.
Attractive man (Greg) and woman (Nora) of a certain age stop at a somewhat seedy, unidentified small town motel and hook up with one another. Filmed in Waco, Texas, but that is incidental. Most everything of importance takes place in an all-night diner and the two motel rooms, with some outside flashes forward. The couple connects with common interests and movie quotes, and hook up. Initiated by Nora, they "rehearse" what their conversations with the spouses they are considering dumping would be like, and minimally, what their lives would be like if they dump the spouses and fly off into the sunset together.

Somewhat mundane moments in the initial connection. Well handled, not too specific, sex scene that is well telegraphed. Dialogue! Dialogue!! And more dialogue!!! However inventive and well done, the script is, let’s face it, the story of one night in a nondescript motel somewhere in Texas with "strangers passing in the night." I never had the…


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