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Watch Titanic Full Movie Free Streaming Online

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Description : Experience Academy Award-winning director James Cameron’s epic masterpiece Titanic like never before. Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet shine in this unforgettable love story born of tragedy that became a worldwide phenomenon. Take the journey and discover why critics declare Titanic “a magnificent motion picture that remains spellbinding.”*

* Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun Times

Disc 1 – Feature Film – Part One

Disc 2 – Feature Film – Part Two  + Bonus Features


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Review : Tied Ben Hur for the most Oscars won by a single film
When my wife and I first saw Titanic in a theater in 1997, we both had tears in our eyes as the credits rolled by on the screen. We agreed that we wanted to see the movie again, and over the years, we’ve probably seen it 6-8 times. The storyline, the acting, the soundtrack, and the set design and computer-generated imagery were so nearly perfect that Titanic is certainly one of the top five films of the 1990s.

The film belongs to Kate Winslet, playing society girl Rose DeWitt Bukater, and Leonardo DiCaprio, playing the poor but charming young artist Jack Dawson, who’s returning to America after failing to make a go of it in France. Rose’s mother has arranged her marriage to the wealthy Cal Hockley, who Rose despises, and when Rose meets Jack, the romance is on. Complications arise, however, when the ship strikes an iceberg and sinks 2½ hours later. You knew that already, of course, but what happens in the film during the final moments of the Titanic’s life is nonstop action…


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