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Watch The Secret Agent Full Movie Free Streaming Online

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The Secret Agent

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Review : LeCarre fifty years earlier and funnier

In this 1936 movie, a decent British soldier is forcibly recruited into the secret service. He travels to Switzerland to discover a German spy and to ensure he is killed by another British agent. He meets a third British agent who plays his wife in the game. Today the movie looks dated technologically and plot wise because of all that has happened. The scenery is painted.
The tropes are familiar from countless spy movies thereafter. Some don’t find it suspenseful, but I found the train scene suspenseful despite this.
But this is very much a send-up of the secret agent genre and secret agents with only a necessary fan dance at the end to pass the censors or to appeal to the patriotism of the British audiences, or so I interpret it. It is very funny in disingenuous and satiric ways.
Beware watching it because the film is old and often dark. This is especially true when streaming it from Amazon.


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