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Watch The One I Love Full Movie Free Streaming Online

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The One I Love

Category: Movies

Review : Complex, Complicated, Fun

This was one strange film. The first hour had me engrossed, then it seemed to grind down, and I felt it flailing.However, it was one of those films that you need to think about it, discuss with others.

Mark Duplass plays Ethan and Sophie his wife, is played by Elizabeth Moss . They are in marriage counseling for a variety of reasons: he cheated on her, communication is zilch, they don’t have much in common, but they do love each other. The marriage counselor played by Ted Danson, in a very brief appearance, suggests that they go away for the weekend. He, of course, has the exact place to go. Several couples have gone to this place and they have all come back renewed. Ethan and Sophie figure they have nothing to lose.

To tell you what occurs, will give away the film, so just know it is fun, confusing and complicated. Just these two actors, playing themselves. This is a thinking man’s film, so give it its due.

Recommended. prisrob 11-14-14


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