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Watch The Longest Ride Full Movie Free Streaming Online

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The Longest Ride

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Review : Great romance movie: relationship develops meaningfully and with a nice parallel of past and present events; great cast
Scott Eastwood, son of Clint, is a great leading male actor, and Britt Robertson is a great leading female. Both of the actors are in their 20s and share a chemistry with each other which is far more appealing (to me) than most romantic movies involving young couples. This is also a more mature and thoughtful romance movie than many. In this movie, she wants to go into art, particularly contemporary art, and he has a career as a rodeo performer. They fall in love slowly enough that it’s believable and meaningful, rather than in one sudden lustful scene like so many movies do. While I find one scene of implied sex unnecessary (and prefer it happen after marriage), I really enjoy the way their relationship develops. They become influenced by the life story of a man played by Alan Alda, who learned the meaning of sacrificial love and imparts this experiential wisdom to them. The parallels between Alda’s character’s story and their story give the movie a…


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