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Watch Shirin in Love Full Movie Free Streaming Online

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Shirin in Love

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Review : Wow the cinematography was awesome to bad everything else was terrible
This movie was a real stinker and here is why. I love romantic comedys especially ones that have great character development and an really good plot but I was totally put off by the horrific script terrible acting and ridiculous lead characters.
In the first act you get introduced to the movie heroine and her fiancee who have absolutely zero chemistry.While the main character is very beautiful and flirts with everyone to get her way nothing about her character feels sincere. (It as if this script was wrote for Kim K) She goes through life with her head in the clouds and absent minded at times even though she graduated from Oxford with a degree in law yet her true passion is writing so even though she went to Oxford her only option to breaking into that career is to live with her parents and work at her moms Cosmo wannabe magazine. What angers me the most about this character is that she so weak mentaly and we are never told a good enough reason why. I would have like to see…


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