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Watch Never Forever Full Movie Free Streaming Online

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Never Forever

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Review : A Must See of a Very Unusual Love Story
Sophie, played by Vera Farmiga, is a upper class Caucasian wife that is married to a successful Korean-American lawyer. Her husband, Andrew, just buried his father and there has always been a wish for a male child to carry on the family lineage. When Andrew finds that he is sterile it drives him to a suicide attempt. All of this devastates Sophie and she is desperate in trying to give him a child although they have tried to conceive before, but to no avail. Sophie then pays for sex to an illegal Korean alien named Jihah to conceive a child for her husband and to save their marriage. She falls in love with Jihah even though she tries not to. The story is compelling in that she has to make a choice between two men that she loves and the future for her and her child. This film addresses so many real life issues on love, interracial marriage, suicide, choices on artificial insemination, abortion, spirituality, and immigration, etc. and the difficulty in making right choices. What is a…


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