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Watch Moonstruck Full Movie Free Streaming Online

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Review : That’s amore
One of my favorite movies. Loretta is an accountant who was married and her husband who she held out for love to marry, got hit by a bus, so she’s currently seeing a man that she likes but doesn’t love. He’s a pansy but when he kneels on the floor along her to marry him, she accepts, if there is a ring. He forgot the ring so he reluctantly gives her his pinky ring. Later that night, he asks her to call his brother whom he has bab blood between and he wants him to go to the wedding. Meanwhile he has to see his dying mother in Palermo. So she calls the brother but he hangs up on her and she decides to go to his bakery to talk to him. He’s extremely bitter toward his brother and blames him for losing his fingers in a slicer. They finally decide to go upstairs to his apartment to talk. She cooks him a steak and one thing leads to another and they end up in bed. She freaks out and he says he loves her but he’ll leave her alone if she goes to the opera with him that night. You’ll…


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