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Love Story

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Review : Free-Spirited, Funny, but Tragic
***** This review contains spoilers. Love Story (1970) stars Ali MacGraw and Ryan O’Neal as a free-spirited couple that goes through trials and tribulations (Oliver’s poor relationship with his demanding father, and Jennifer’s fatal illness), but their love for each other is eternal. While watching this movie, I could just feel the intensity of each scene, as if it’s so real, rather than the sometimes unrealistic love that is found in some Hollywood movies. Ali MacGraw gives the performance of a lifetime as a sharp-tongued vivacious and very comical young woman, and carries this throughout the whole film, as if nothing can crush her spirit. This movie has a tragic ending, which makes the average person want a happy ending (due to the loveability of Jennifer), but if that somehow happened, this movie wouldn’t be half the movie it is. In a sense, we the audience have to get on board when it comes to the sad ending and endure the frustration if we are to appreciate what a true love story…


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