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Love, Rosie

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Review : LOVE, ROSIE (And you will!)
I’ve been complaining for a few years about the lack of decent movies available to rent. Aren’t many. It’s been a while since Hollywood has put out a movie that’s captured my attention. Not asking for much, just something other than violence and superheroes. Over it already! (I did go to the movies last night to see La La Land and it was La-la lovely – but, that’s for another review.) I just want to watch a pleasant movie with a grown-up theme and great acting. Enter LOVE, ROSIE. Of course, this isn’t a Hollywood movie. It’s a British dramedy and…IT’S WONDERFUL!! From beginning to rolling credits, I. Loved. This. Movie. Now, please keep in mind that this is a love story. It will not likely appeal to young men but, for a mature guy who loves watching rom-com with his wife, snuggle up and enjoy. So good I watched it twice! I adore British films. Brits have a sense of humor that I can appreciate and they really do this type of film well. You’d be surprised at how many times I’ve…


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