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Watch Japanese Story Full Movie Free Streaming Online

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Japanese Story

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Grady Harp’s review of 05/05/2004 prompted me to watch this movie. I am so glad that I did. It is not the kind of film that will appeal to the mass audience: it is a quiet, thought provoking gem. The film depicts a cultural collision between two individuals, their immediate dislike, each of the other, and how intense disdain can be transformed, first into understanding, then into respect, and finally into love. It is an extraordinary film with superb actors who portray the most powerful of emotions with a subtle grace—it will linger in your mind. Indeed, long after the film is over, you will ponder it for days, wondering at the achy sensation of tragedy you feel way down in your gut. The cinematography is grand, spectacularly capturing the brutal starkness of the outback wilderness, which is juxtaposed against the intimacy of the characters: it is erotic, sensual and beautifully filmed. The flesh-on-flesh scenes are stunning works of art (nothing pornographic here folks!)…


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