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It's Complicated

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Review : Hollywood Triangle…
So Alec Baldwin gets back together with his ex-wife, played by Meryl Streep, who is getting involved with a friend, played by Steve Martin…sounds like a good source for hijinks. And that’s what this movie provides as a divorced couple carry on a secret affair ten years later while trying to decide if there’s still a spark between them. I couldn’t have picked three better leads for this comedy. There is just all kinds of chemistry right from the beginning, whether it be friendliness, antagonism, anxiety, or whatever…these three make it work perfectly naturally. But come on…look at who they are. I do wish I’d seen more of Lake Bell, despite how annoying her character was as Baldwin’s second, much younger wife, but that’s my only complaint. This film is funny and worth watching over and over again. I do wonder why so many films about divorce and new, younger spouses involve one of the original couple being a lawyer…kind of gives the field a bad rep…or a worse rep, as the…


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