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Watch In Lieu of Flowers Full Movie Free Streaming Online

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In Lieu of Flowers

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Review : Now I get why it’s called in lieu of flowers–the entire movie is dead
This film was recommended to me because I watched and liked Hank and Asha. If you’re on the fence between these two films, pick Hank and Asha. That film is Oscar worthy compared to this one. There is really nothing to gain from watching In Lieu of Flowers, really nothing, because it leads the viewer on to think there may be a story there but then there is no payoff.

A quick summary: After acting like a prick at one of his friend’s birthday gatherings at a bar, the moody Eric, who can’t get his "lost" girlfriend Gretchen off his mind, decides to join a support group for those who are grieving. There he strikes up a s-l-o-w friendship with the likable Rachel, who is widowed for two years. The friendship starts to blossom into, again, a s-l-o-w romance but it never really gets off the ground because every time one of the characters turns a corner, getting a breakthrough into their grief, things just go back to square one. I began to believe that every reel of film must…


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