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Review : MUCH Better Than Expected!
I’ve never before written a review of what I watch on Amazon Prime but I had to do so now because this film was SO much better than I was expecting and now I’m sorry I never got to see it in a theater. When it came out it got mixed but mostly positive reviews and I just never found the time to see it before it quickly disappeared. To be perfectly honest, too, part of me suspected that many of its supporters lauded it partly in the spirit of a well-intentioned political correctness. I came of age in the 1980’s-90’s when identity politics was rampant and Frida Kahlo was a triple-crown hero of the downtrodden so I was more than a bit suspicious: Latina, female and physically handicapped, she was practically a secular saint of humanities departments world-wide.

In reality, the movie got short shrift by critics as well as audiences. There are only excellent performances throughout but Salma Hayek’s performance was incredible. I was particularly impressed–but hardly…


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