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Review : A Real Relationship in Which Fiction Supplants Truth
Sam’s (Michael Szeles) and Susan’s (Mary Cross) hands touch, at first by chance, then intentionally on a train’s grab pole, creating a bit of sexy and a tad forbidden tension. They’re drawn to each other, speak not at all, pursue a little, and end up moving in together within days. When Susan begins to speak, her story is clearly made-up and presents like a sort of Byzantine improv. She’s pretty but has a definite wild-eyed stare. Sam seems more regular, even slightly preppy, but falls in line with the improv role he’s assigned. He plays along, staying in character(s). We’ll learn that his own true story may be in doubt. When Susan eventually comes clean with a traumatic story, the viewer tends to buy it, but Sam doesn’t. Sam’s also in a job in which he visits homebound seniors. One with dementia, because of his delusional state, sees Sam as someone else, so even at work, he must roleplay. The premise is odd and interesting, a bit spooky and wonky, but you’re willing to go along with…


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