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Watch What If Full Movie Free Streaming Online

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What If

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Review : I think its great, you should think its good.
A big part of me wants to give this movie 5 stars because it really is my kind of movie. The dialogue is fun and interesting. All of the acting is really great, and believable even if the movie becomes a little bit predictable. That’s okay with me, sure the movie could become unpredictable, but do I really want a bunch of unpredictable movies with horrible endings where the guy never gets the girl (spoiler alert). No, I am okay with a well done, fun, and charming movie not being completely unpredictable. I think there are a lot of us that can really identify with the main characters, and I think those of us who do are probably the ones who enjoy this movie the most. They are intelligent and somewhere between social and antisocial young adults who aren’t quite sure where there lives are going or even where they want their lives to go. But they are good people who want to do what is right in a world that often lacks their moral compass. Which is ultimately what makes a story of a boy…


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