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Watch Titanic Full Movie Free Streaming Online

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Review : Life changing film
I’m a 19 year old dude and this is one of my favorite films of all time, having really affected who I am. Always been a history buff, and since I was a little kid I’d been fascinated by the story of the Titanic. When I first watched this film, I meant to watch it for the historical aspect, and planned to disregard the love story aspect because "that’s for girls." Well, I was quite mistaken. the story and characters are excellent, and I sorta looked up to Jack as the kind of guy I wanted to be, just an all around good guy who treats everyone fairly and will do whatever it takes to protect those who need it. Using this excellently constructed character as one of my role models, I’ve grown from a depressed young boy with a negative outlook on life to a much more positive, happier young man pursuing a military career at a great school. Moral of the story is, "Make each day count" and I thank all who were involved in the making of this film for helping bring that…


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