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Watch The Reckoning Full Movie Free Streaming Online

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The Reckoning

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Review : Gritty, Realistic, Powerful
Season 1 – Volume Two of Outlander is gritty, realistic, sometimes hard to watch, and I found it completely impossible to tear myself away from it. Yes, there is nudity, but the nudity is nothing more than present in the story, and I am a typical American prude and did not find it offensive. The last two episodes were sometimes hard to watch as they courageously tackled the issues of torture and rape in a disturbingly realistic manner. These things are occurring daily today in war and terror torn parts of the world and closing our eyes to it does not make it go away. Outlander approaches these things from the correct perspective of truth, showing them to be the desire of evil people to dominate and control, nothing to do with sex. The psychological effects are explored in depth, and yes it hard to watch Jamie and Claire struggle through these two episodes, coming to terms with the aftermath of evil. If the end of this season does not tear your heart out, you may not have one, but it…


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