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Watch The Age Of Adaline Full Movie Free Streaming Online

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The Age Of Adaline

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Review : Winner of my rare 10 out of 10 Rating
There are certain genres of film that almost always miss giving the audience what its looking for and the Romantic Fantasy is probably at the top of this list. The Age of Adaline, however, hits its mark beautifully. From the expansive yet intimate camera and direction style to the absolutely luminous presence of the film’s star; Blake Lively this film is a winner.

Things I loved about the film:
1. As mentioned above; Blake Lively… Her appearance, movements, voice timbre, pronunciation and cadence all brought a maturity that rang true to the character of a woman who has lived over a hundred years in a twenty-something body.
2. The locations… It doesn’t get more beautiful than Northern California featuring old San Francisco.
3. Harrison Ford’s subtle yet convincing performance. (Usually I don’t think Ford is much of an actor but in this one he was note perfect.)
4. Kathy Baker… it is always a treat to see this actor in any role.
5. Another…


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