Superman Returns Full Movie Free Streaming Online

Watch Superman Returns Full Movie Free Streaming Online

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Superman Returns

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Review : there are two ways to look at this film, and that makes all the difference.
as a modern superhero film (Like Spiderman, Iron Man or the Dark Knight).
It’s plot is a poorly developed rehash of the plot from superman one (with Christopher Reeves) characters are under developed. We are often told "they have history", rather than the film showing us why Lex hates superman or why superman loves Lois. characters seem to do thing not because it makes sense but because the script says they should ( Like superman Listening to the problem of the whole world and then deciding that a bank robbery in metropolis is the worst thing happening in the entire world. over all the tone is goofy and feel very out of place in the modern world of superheros.

As a Love note to, and the final act of the Richard Donner Superman trilogy of the Seventies.
the film was conceived as a sequel to Superman II (the Richard Donner Cut, not the theatrical film) and it is meant to be the final chapter in a trilogy (it pretends Superman III and IV,did not happen,…


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