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Watch Pride & Prejudice Full Movie Free Streaming Online

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Pride & Prejudice

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Review : Excellent DVD release of a movie that is visually beautiful and makes a classic tale breathtaking once more
Aesthetically speaking, this adaptation of Pride and Prejudice is second to none. The casting, costuming, locations, and camera work are amazing and visually this film floors all over versions. It really feels like a work of art. Since this is a film version, there is naturally changes from the original book (lines of dialogue changed, scenes removed, etc) but even so, it remains true to the essence of the book and is vastly enjoyable to watch. For a more "very devoted to playing the book out on film" the miniseries with Jennifer Ehle is one of the best, though the tone of that adaption is less artistic and comes across a little more casual and humorous, whereas this version takes a more serious approach to the tale and really wants to drive home how beautiful and romantic the tale is. Keira Knightly shines as the witty Elizabeth Bennet, giving her an air of elegance with her acting and beauty, while Matthew Macfadyen makes Mr. Darcy come to life with distinct feeling and…


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