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Watch Passengers Full Movie Free Streaming Online

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Review : “Passengers” is a Highly Entertaining Combination of a Science Fiction Thriller and a Romantic Drama, with an Outstanding Cast

The Columbia Pictures movie entitled "Passengers" is a highly entertaining combination of a science fiction thriller and a romantic drama. The science fiction elements are very interesting and thought-provoking, especially when one ponders the physiological and medical challenges of a 120-year period of hibernation, during this lengthy transit to a distant planet. Of course, the inevitable love story is the central theme of this movie, and the multiple technological failures triggered by the collision of the interstellar vehicle with a very large asteroid, provide the requisite amount of excitement and suspense. The cast is outstanding, with Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt starring in the lead roles, along with Michael Sheen and the incomparable Laurence Fishburne delivering great supporting performances. I thoroughly enjoyed "Passengers," and I give it a five-star rating, as well as my highest recommendation.


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