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My Old Lady

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Review : Quietly Beautiful And Increasingly Intense Drama Advertised As A Romantic Comedy.
This is another of those films where all the funny bits made it into the previews, leaving nothing to surprise the viewer in the actual film, aside from the fact that it’s not nearly as funny as one was led to believe. "Blue Jasmine" worked this to the nth degree, but "My Old Lady" isn’t nearly so grim, and Paris gets much better treatment than San Francisco did.

Mathias Gold (Kline) has inherited a house and garden from his late father, in the fashionable Marais district of Paris. The problem is, according to a long standing French legal arrangement, the house comes with Maggie Smith (which would seem to be something of a dream come true, at least for a while) playing a 91 year old english woman, Mathilde Girard, who’d sold the house to the elder Mr. Gold, after her husband had died.

Forty one years ago.

As part of the deal, the late Mr. Gold was to pay Mme Girard twenty four hundred euros a month until her death, at which time he…


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