Mother’s Day Full Movie Free Streaming Online

Watch Mother’s Day Full Movie Free Streaming Online

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Mother's Day

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Review : Funny and Entertaining!!!!
If there were half stars I’d give this a 4 1/2. I saw this movie at the movies with my mom and then rented it again to watch with my 17 yr old daughter. We all thought it was a really good movie. It was really pretty funny and we all laughed throughout it. The parents of Kate Hudson and Sarah Chalke, who play sisters, have strong opinions against lesbians and Indians, but it is all done in a humorous way not maliciously and spoiler alert****** In the end they finally come around. There are several different story lines going on in this movie two sister’s who never see their parents and basically moved because the parents weren’t accepting of who the one dated and the lifestyle of the other. There is also a man who is a widower raising his 2 daughter’s and his women friends wanting to set him up on a date. There is a woman who is divorced and shares custody of their 2 sons, but her ex had a surprise in store for her. Also, a cute young couple who have a baby and the girl reluctant to…


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