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Watch Made Of Honor Full Movie Free Streaming Online

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Made Of Honor

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Review : Amusing but not satisfying.

This was cute and mostly without cussing, overly-sexual scenes, or collegiate vulgarity – but not enough without those things. Overall it came off as kind of immature – playboy Tom has a rotating stable of interchangeable women, and one good friend, Hannah, who secretly loves him and is waiting for him to grow up and notice. He realizes it when she goes to Scotland, only to find she comes back engaged to a wealthy, titled, gentlemanly Scottish hunk. So he and his friends try to make the hunk look bad… but that doesn’t go well… so then Tom must make himself look like a better man… but gosh that’s hard when you really aren’t very good… especially if a hostile ex-casual sex partner is on the scene as a bridesmaid to make you look bad.

It was okay, an okay story done fairly well, but at the end of the day, not a good example of a truly romantic movie. It was amusing but not satisfying.


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