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Review : Beautiful Story, Amazing Characters . . . and even True!
Emily Mortimer is surely one of the best English actors gracing the screen. I’ve always noticed her in "supporting" roles because she stood out, even against such shining stars as Cate Blanchett. Here she is square in the eye of the story, as well as the camera. And she doesn’t falter there, even against the shining star that is her son, Isamu Nogouchi, the world acclaimed artist. When a mother has a famous child, her story and worth is generally relegated to the level of a "supporting role." But common sense and science tells us that great people usually get that way via early life experiences, for good or ill . .. or a mixture of both. Leonie was a rareity in her time: an educated woman but no wealthy family to support her. Hence her desire to attend Bryn Mawr was for a practical reason: to gain skills and be independent . . . as well as to live an extraordinary life. But like many women still do, she became infatuated with a man without honor and sincerity…


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