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Review : Enjoyed the film though some of the scenes felt forced and out of place
This movie was a bit slow going at first, but eventually it draws you in. The folk music (banjo/guitar) is kitschy but tolerable. I’ll summarize a bit of the plot here but won’t provide any spoilers that you won’t learn within the first 10 minutes of the film. It opens with an extended montage of vintage footage in the woods, as if filmed on an old Super-8: a man and two children going fishing. Flash forward a couple decades and a middle-aged man is caring for and ailing older man, presumably one of the kids and the father from the opening scene. When the older man passes, we cut to a city scene and discover that the man who died is the father of the Andrew, played by Andrew Glaszek. He’s middle-aged, has a twinky stereo-typically air-headed millennial boyfriend, and they’re taking a weekend trip to clean out his late father’s cabin in the woods. The caretaker, we understand then, is the other boy from the opening scene, who happens to be living in the cabin. And thus the mystery…


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