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Watch Last Summer Full Movie Free Streaming Online

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Last Summer

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Review : A meditative love poem
Emotionally and intellectually rewarding indie film.
Its pace is slow, contemplative and peaceful. No one dies, no graphic sex, no “coming out” teen angst, no bullying or dissention, just the focus of two boys who are in love.

The word “gay” is never said. We never even see a passionate kiss, but we don’t need to.

The film is composed of long, lingering close-ups and mediums shots, and much of the emotion is conveyed through visual metaphor.

One wonderful shot we see only hands, gently touching, fingers caressing, no dialog, none is needed, and it would be redundant.

Dialog and background music are kept to a minimum, instead, natural surrounding sounds are used in combination with striking composition; very reminiscent of the great French auteur, Robert Bresson.

Much of what is felt is left to our imagination, and it’s much richer than anything that could be explicitly shown, because…


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