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Review : IQ meets EQ
This is a light-hearted romantic comedy that is amusing to watch mostly due to Tim Robbins performance and the antics of the Einstein Cohorts! The plot is a fictionalized version of Albert Einstein and his famous physics compatriots living in Princeton, along with his niece, Catherine Boyd, who did not exist in real life.

Walter Matthau is endearingly funny as the very old Albert Einstein, who lapses into German and has a crazy head of hair. The only weakness in his strong intellectual faculties, is the love for his niece, Catherine, and his belief that his niece is marrying the wrong man, who will turn her into a hausfrau (housewife) and make her unhappy.

Meg Ryan is Catherine Boyd, the geeky but very pretty niece of Einstein, whose brainiac head is filled with so many math equations, that practical matters escape her. Her thoughts race faster than her mouth can voice them. Meg is young and pretty enough to carry this off, but she is still the same Meg Ryan…


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