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Watch Funny Face Full Movie Free Streaming Online

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Funny Face

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Review : Fantastic and Underappreciated
FUNNY FACE is a 1957 musical released by Paramount, but made largely by ex-MGM people, including producer Roger Edens. In fact, Edens had been Arthur Freed’s right-hand-man at Metro and had a hand in films like MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS, ON THE TOWN, SINGIN’ IN THE RAIN and THE BAND WAGON. If not for the Paramount nomenclature, FUNNY FACE would probably be considered a “biggie” along with those other treasured flicks. I surely feel it is underappreciated.

With most songs out of the George Gershwin songbook, this delight follows fashion photographer Richard Avery (Fred Astaire), his new sensation “The Quality Woman” (Greenwich Village intellectual Jo Stockton, played by Audrey Hepburn), and their various misadventures when they fly to Paris to show the new fall fashions, even though “Jo” would rather hang with the salon of French philosopher Emile Flostre, founder of the school of “Empathicalism” (Michel Auclair). The plot is essentially a triangle in which the slightly crass…


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