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Review : Good movie i just wish they could have added more to it.
I wish this movie would have shown more of the action and then his separation from the military but I understand the time constraints of the movie.Looks like this guy is one of the lucky ones after five tours. I personally know someone that is back in the hospital right now with uncontrollable body shakes, he finds it hard to put words together as he struggles to find each word as he speaks. He saw and was involved in lots of killing. He had an eye blown out of its socket by an IED but he was flown to Germany and it was actually put back in and works OK now. He was shot two separate times, once in the side and once in the head but his helmet saved him as the bullet went off his helmet and into the left side of his face then off his lower jaw bone and out the right side of his face taking some teeth and bone fragments with it. He is not the same person I knew before he did all his tours. When he came home they had him on Take a Hero hunting and he was hired by a big corporation just so…


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