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Review : OK movie, but annoying soundtrack

Didn’t hate, but didn’t love it either. Quite predictable, and the premise is not really believable, at least not in its simplistic portrayal in this movie. Acting was quite alright, Kristen Stewart did yet another suffering and gloomy role and Nicholas Hoult was good at acting clueless. I can’t say I liked the characters, but they seemed to fit in the world they were operating in.

The most annoying thing about this movie, and also what made me go down one star from "OK", was the soundtrack. They constantly went from quiet whispering (which forced us to turn it way up) to really loud dramatic music (which, in turn, had to be turned down to avoid hearing loss and angry letters from the neighbors). I’m sure the bad speakers we had played a part, but they weren’t THAT bad. Something else was wrong, not sure if it’s with the original track or amazon’s end.


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