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Watch Episode 2 Full Movie Free Streaming Online

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Episode 2

Category: TV

Review : Irish + British + American dialogue = Funny Adult Fun

Much better than usual television fare. Like the two main characters with one another, the viewer establishes a relationship with them without knowing much about them, except that they’re sexy. Not Amercan-television sexy, real-people sexy. Without much background and set up, every scene becomes interesting, revealing bits of their personalities and their pasts.

With a combination of British, Irish, and American characters & writing, this show has a unique style of humor. The dialogue has nice touches of how perpetually-joking people often talk with one another (with more laughable jokes per minute, of course), including some outrageous "just kidding" moments.

Re: Rob: He looks like James Garner, but sounds like Steve Martin. Am-I-right?


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