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Cafe Society

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Review : “What might have been” describes the plot and the movie itself

As a Woody Allen fan, I was hoping for this movie to develop into something more as I watched; unfortunately it never really came together for me. Not a complete waste of time, because it is lovely to look at—beautiful costumes, scenery, and society. The storyline is a classic "love lost, what might have been" theme, Woody style. I wasn’t shocked by the ending, although some will probably find it unsatisfying.

Casting went a little wrong here, in my opinion. Kristen Stewart isn’t convincing in this period piece, although she certainly seems to be trying her best. Same for Steve Carell, who might be a little too known for characters in modern films to slip easily into this role. I didn’t mind Jesse Eisenberg as a Woody stand-in, and Blake Lively is a nice addition in a small part. I was generally indifferent to the characters and their storylines, which I don’t often find to be the case in Woody Allen’s films.


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