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Blast from the Past

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Review : A Nice Change Of Pace
I’ve seen Brendan Fraser in films such as George of the Jungle and Dudley Do-Right. Both films came with certain giggles and chuckles, but I wasn’t overly excited about either. Here, I very much enjoyed Mr. Fraser’s performance and the film itself. You can never go wrong with casting Christopher Walken as an excentric character in a comedy, and that is just the beginning of this flick’s good points. I’m happy to say that Alicia Silverstone has redeamed herself in my eyes after Batman and Robin (I’m not sure which came first, but I saw Batman and Robin first) and her straight-woman persona matched up nicely Brendan Fraser’s goofy, out-of-time behavior. While Dave Foley didn’t quite hit all the stereotypes, you could definetly tell that his character was gay. Like Mr. Walken, he was a great source of comic relief. The one main performance I did not find memorible is that Sissy Spacek, who played our goofy hero’s mother…though she did try with the drinking. I say just go and…


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