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Review : Very funny “chick’flick” movie
This was a fun movie. As a huge Jane Austen fan, I just really enjoyed the premise – in a way it is a classic Jane Austen romance. Our heroine is basically a Jane Austen out of control fan, reality comes crashing down around her when she spends her life savings on a Jane Austen immersion vacation. Acting was great, and it was very funny. I can honestly say there were parts that had me truly laughing out loud (so hard, tears in my eyes!). This is a great, light romantic comedy also Jennifer Coolidge and James Callis are a riot.

Update: Movie vs Book.
Okay, I had not realized that this movie was based on a book. So I promptly read the book, it’s a quick read and I have to say my review as written stands. Although the book was a very nice, the basic story is the same and honestly, if they followed the book too closely, I think the movie would have been a little boring. Often, when you love a book, you are a little disappointed in the movie version, I believe mostly that…


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