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Watch A Wedding for Bella Full Movie Free Streaming Online

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A Wedding for Bella

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Review : An Incredibly Moving Film and I Loved Every Second of it!
This is definitely a movie to put on your watchlist. I loved it and thought it was brilliant! I just finished it for the second time and will watch it over and over for many years to come.

Dominic Pyzola, played by Scott Baio, is a corporate raider by day and an Italian pastry chef by night/early morning. The woman, Bella, who is the Pyzola brothers surrogate mother, lives above the bakery and is dearly loved by everyone. She is a heck of a woman, deeply loving her husband, daughter and the three Pyzola brothers. She lives her life in a very positive manner and chooses to be joyful and thankful always. It is a beautiful portrayal. Towards the beginning Bella becomes ill. We watch as Dominic tries to do whatever he can to make sure Bella’s remaining time in this life is as happy and fulfilling as possible. Bella has always wanted to see her daughter married and Dominic schemes to get Bella’s daughter to marry him for the sake of her mother.

I was so…


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