(500) Days Of Summer Full Movie Free Streaming Online

Watch (500) Days Of Summer Full Movie Free Streaming Online

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(500) Days Of Summer

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Review : Standard material handled well…
I think the best movies are movies that take a standard formulaic story or plot and are able to do something original with it. It seems, for example, like there are a lot of movies being made these days about heartbreak told from the male perspective, where the supposedly “standard” gender roles are reversed. It is the male character who is a hopeless romantic, who believes in true love, and is looking for his soul mate, while the female character just wants to keep things simple, and is afraid of anything smacking of too much commitment (no labels). This movie takes that somewhat standard material and does something fairly original, or at least interesting, with it.

The movie is, I guess, technically a romantic comedy, but it is not your standard romantic comedy. Not that there is necessarily anything wrong with romantic comedies. I admit there are times when I have a fever that only a romantic comedy can cure, but before you judge me too harshly, you should know I can…


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