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Watch 27 Dresses Full Movie Free Streaming Online

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27 Dresses

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Review : Cynical instead of romantic, funny, cute ending
I purchased this to put in a gift basket as a prize at a bridal shower. I saw the movie a while back, but remember it being entertaining enough to gift, although it doesn’t stand out in my mind as a great movie. Katherine Heigl is very entertaining. She pulls off an uber-organized yet altruistic friend very well. The premise is that she keeps getting asked to be a bridesmaid and takes on a lot of the wedding planning tasks for her friends, so she’s constantly busy with friends’ weddings. She’s not particularly romantic and runs into a guy who is a definite cynic, who ends up with her planner/calendar when she leaves it somewhere. There are a lot of fun scenes in the movie. The cynicism is a little played up, but realistic and not a turn-off for a wedding movie. Especially because the ending is fun and finally dives into the romantic. The guest who ended up getting this prize at the bridal shower is herself super organized and not particularly into romance but has a sweet side, so it…


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